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Preventive Health Guidelines

As part of our commitment to assisting you in receiving the best care possible, we have developed Preventive Health Guidelines to help you keep your family healthy and safe.

These guidelines, based on recommendations from leading health-care authorities, span from birth until old age and give you a general idea, or "schedule," of the different health care services you should be receiving at each stage in your life. They are important to have because they promote good health and the early detection of illnesses and diseases before they have a chance to become serious.

While these guidelines may be applicable to MOST of our members, please keep in mind that the different types of care may change based on your current health and your risk factors. These guidelines are not meant to replace the judgment of your primary care provider, but rather serve as a means of practicing a proactive lifestyle.

In addition to the guidelines, you will also find immunization schedules for different age groups. Immunizations not only protect yourself and your family from many harmful and fatal illnesses, but also protect those in the community around you that may be more susceptible to these diseases or who may not have immunity.

Please do your part in keeping our island community healthy and safe, and get yourself and your loved-ones vaccinated.