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Fitness Center Incentives

Receive Fitness Rewards for Working Out

Enroll at any one of our participating fitness centers and receive a cash reward for taking the initiative to improve and maintain your health.

You will receive up to $150.00 fitness reward per year if you meet the following conditions:

  • You are a current NetCare health plan member that is at least 18 years and older
  • You attend or visit the fitness center no less than eight (8) times per month
  • You provide proof of attendance or log-in sheet from the fitness center indicating the minimum of eight (8) visits or more per month
  • You will need to complete a Reimbursement Form provided by NetCare

NetCare’s Participating Fitness Centers include the following Centers:

  • International Sports Center
  • Urban Fitness and Dance Studio
  • The Gym Guahan
  • Hilton Fitness and Wellness Center
  • Paradise Fitness Center
  • Kontenda Fitness
Download the Reimbursement form here!