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NetCare's Term Life Insurance Policy for your family's peace of mind during these difficult financial times.

In today's world both husband and wife work. In these household's budgets are tight with each providing equally to maintain the stability of the family environment. Just the thought of another bill is a subject quickly avoided. But we have a responsibility to protect those who depend on us. Life insurance can provide your family with the financial security they need if you happened to pass away unexpectedly.

A Term life insurance policy from NetCare Life and Health can provide your family the peace of mind during these difficult financial times. NetCare's Term policies can help families safeguard their financial futures. The death benefits could be used to help pay mortgages, fund a child's college educations and help a family continue its standard of living.

Who's it for?

  • People who are trying to protect something for a specific amount of time like a mortgage or a college loan
  • Those who need a large amount of insurance but have limited budgets. This would the case for young families.
  • Business owners what would like to cover a key employee or hedge any outstanding loans
  • A supplement to permanent insurance.

What are the benefits?

  • The peace of mind of pure life insurance protection
  • A death benefit that, in most instances, is free from federal income tax
  • Guaranteed renewable coverage
  • The right to convert to a permanent policy that builds cash value
  • Cheaper then permanent insurance with higher coverage amounts.
  • Fix premium over the contract period

What types of policies do you offer?

  • 10 Year Term
    This policy is good for a business owner that would like to hedge a loan
  • 15 Year Term
    Good for a new graduate that has student loans and would like to cover any outstanding debts that he may have incurred during his college years.
  • 20 Year Term
    This is a good start for young families. It gives you the protection you need at an affordable rate and gives you ample time to convert to a permanent plan.
  • 30 Year Term
    This policy is excellent for mortgage protection.

Add a Rider to Enhance Your Term Policy

The following riders are available to help you tailor your policy to your specific need.
  • Living Benefit Rider
    In the event that you become terminally ill, this rider can help relieve some of the financial strain by enabling you to receive all or part of the death benefit while you are alive.
  • Child Rider
    The insurance coverage available with this rider offers level premiums, a level death benefit, and an option to convert, at specified times, to any permanent policy up to five times the rider's face amount, without evidence of insurability. This option may be exercised at specified times, until a child reaches age 25. This rider can help them begin their own life insurance program. This rider is available for an additional premium.
  • Waiver to Premium
    A disability can put a financial strain on everyone's budget. To ensure your policy will not lapse during a period of disability, this benefit waives your premium payments should you become totally disabled.
  • Accidental Death Benefit
    An accidental death can be especially devastating. To help your loved ones, this rider will pay your beneficiaries an additional death benefit if your death is accidental as defined in the rider

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