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It's never easy talking about Cancer.

The Facts

  • Cancer is the 2nd leading cause of death in the US and Guam.
  • The chances of having cancer in a life time are 45 % for men and 41% for women
  • 66% of costs to fight cancer are non-medical indirect costs, not covered by traditional insurance
  • Cancer is the leading kill of children 0 – 14 years of age
  • Between 1970 – 1999, 5 of every 8 people on Guam who died of cancer were Chamorro's.
  • Lung Cancer is the leading cause of cancer death for Chamorro men
  • Breast Cancer is the leading cause of cancer death for Chamorro women
  • The five year relative survival rate for screen-accessible cancer is about 81%
  • There were about 1,321,800 new cancer cases diagnosed in 2003
  • Number of death in 2002 as a result of cancer 557,271.
  • Deaths per 100,000 population: 193.2.
  • Now the Risk Factors

    Cancer is not believed to be inherited or contagious. Cancer, however, is caused by:
    • Personal Habits
      Smoking, alcohol and poor diets
    • Environmental Factors
      Exposure to ultraviolet rays and chemicals in water and the air.
    • On the Job Hazards
      X-rays, atomic radiation, asbestos, and chemical like arsenic and cadmium are linked to cancer.

    Medical Insurance Doesn't Cover Everything

    There is no doubt that Cancer treatment is expensive. In fact, Cancer makes up 10% of all medical treatment, the highest of all diseases. Even with Medical coverage, most of fail to recognize the insurance deductibles, co-pays travel, lodging, food and loss of income. The bottom line is Cancer treatment is a cost none of us are prepared to absorb.

    Lump Sum Payment to You

    NetCare offers a First Diagnosis or First Occurrence Cancer Policy. This policy pays a lump sum upon the first diagnosis of cancer. If you are diagnosed with Cancer, NetCare will pay you your full benefit amount. There are no medical bills to submit no waiting periods. You can use the money to pay for whatever you want.

    NetCare Cancer Options

    1. Single - Covers the named insured
    2. Single Parent - Covers the named insured and dependent children
    3. Two Parent - Covers the named insured, spouse and children

    Policy Benefits

    • Lump sum benefit payment
    • No hospitalization required
    • Available ages 18 – 64
    • Coverage amounts $10,000 - $50,000
    • Guaranteed Renewable for 20 years
    • Insured for life or until you are diagnosed with Cancer

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