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With a reputation of innovation, NetCare is committed to establishing a relationship with its customers, physicians, hospitals and group clients as trusted partners. NetCare is dedicated to helping its members achieve and maintain healthy lifestyles in every way. We invite you to Experience the NetCare difference.


   Forms - Affidavits, Enrollment Application, Change of Status, Reimbursement
   Claims Reimbursement - How to File a Claim or Request for Reimbursement
   Request for a New ID Card - Member ID cards for enrolled employees and dependents
   Appeals & Grievance Procedure - Plan limitations and info on filing the appeals or grievances
   Prescription Drugs - Covered drugs and tier, prior authorization, quantity limits.
   Provider Directory - Listing of participating providers.

      US Mainland Provider
      International/Worldwide Provider


   Forms - On-Island Precertification, Off-Island Precertification, PCP Referral Authorization
   Need Claims Status - Claims Overview and Status
   Provider Manual - Participating Provider Manual
   Provider Application - Provider Application Form


   Forms - Affidavits, Enrollment Application, Change of Status
   Group Administrative Handbook - NetCare Group Administrator Manual
   Health & Wellness - NetCare's Healthy Steps to Wellness